Construction Set to Begin at Kingsfield

April 20, 2020

Construction Set to Begin at Kingsfield

We are pleased to advise that final arrangements are being put in place for construction of Stages 1, 2 and 3 at Kingsfield to start in July.

The commencement of works is a significant milestone, and we are pleased to be able to start delivering Sunbury’s most exciting new community. We acknowledge the support of Service Agencies and the City of Hume, who have worked to facilitate the approvals necessary for us to reach this point.

We also acknowledge the commitment of our contractors who have prepared comprehensive Work Continuity Plans that ensure workers will be able to work safely on-site while maintaining effective Social Distancing.  It is pleasing to provide this news with respect to our program at this time. Commencing construction provides future residents with more certainty in respect to the completion of their new homes in the community at Kingsfield with its abundance of parks, walking trails and waterways.

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