Meet Monique, Kingsfield’s 150th Purchaser

September 30, 2020

Meet Monique, Kingsfield’s 150th Purchaser

We’re excited to welcome our 150th purchaser to the growing Kingsfield community!

To celebrate, we sat down with Monique and had a chat about her connection with Sunbury and why she chose to start her new beginning at Kingsfield.

Since she was young, Monique had a deep-rooted connection with the Sunbury area.

“My grandparents farmed in Romsey for many years and as a little girl we would always drive up Lancefield Road for farm visits,” says Monique.

She lived in Sunbury for 21 years, before moving to Yarrawonga. But now she’s excited to move back to her hometown.

“I have always loved the community in Sunbury and we have everything we need at close hand.”

When we asked Monique why she chose Kingsfield, she described the feeling she got as soon as she stood in the land sales office.

“I was impressed with the large open spaces for parkland and natural conservation. The town square build and new facilities are also very exciting! I can’t wait to see it all come together.”

Monique is ready to start a new life with her teenage daughters and son at Kingsfield.

“New beginnings are always good! We are a great team and are looking forward to the excitement of building.”

Welcome home, Monique!

If you too are considering joining Sunbury’s most vibrant community, get in touch with our friendly sales team by emailing or by calling them on 0487 555 535.