Reconophalt paves the way for Moremac development

March 01, 2022

Reconophalt paves the way for Moremac development

Reconophalt contains TonerPlas (soft plastics & Printer toner), RAP (Recycled Asphalt), recycled oil and can contain recycled glass. The TonerPlas, RAP, oil and glass are all 100% recycled and mixed with an asphalt mix for a more environmentally friendly finish.

Using recycled materials doesn't come at the expense of performance with testing showing up to 65% improvement in fatigue life and superior deformation resistance for withstanding heavy vehicular traffic.

Utilising Reconophalt means residents of Kingsfield will truly be part of Kingsfield's sustainability efforts from the moment they enter the estate.

By using Reconophalt in the first three stages of development, 2,753,684 plastic bag equivalents would avoid going into landfill and would be recycled into the asphalt mix, along with 1,025,882 glass bottles and toner from 62,784 printer cartridges. 

The entire Kingsfield development is championing sustainability through a number of innovative features along with Reconophalt, including sixty-five percent, or 133 hectares, of the total estate made up of open green space and a sustainability fund which will be set aside for future residents to ultimately decide how to improve their community from an environmentally friendly point of view.

Also unique to Kingsfield is the 'ready-made' community of Sunbury right next door, offering a range of schooling, amenity and entertainment options for new residents.

The thriving suburb is 40 kilometres from Melbourne's CBD and provides a unique mix of rural living with an urban lifestyle, ready and waiting for new residents of the Kingsfield estate with its family friendly appeal.

For more information on Moremac's Kingsfield development, enquire at, via email at or call 0448 003 639.